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Gaming is truly a way of life for many people, but leading a too sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental to your physical wellbeing. Here, we'll talk about how to plan breaks from gaming to stretch, exercise, and practice healthy eating. We'll also look at certain stretches that can target issues that arise from repetitive gaming, such as carpal tunnel. The human body was designed to be active. While video games are an entertaining hobby, they require sitting for extended periods of time.

One of the most common side effects of being inactive is weight gain. Without physical activity , your body has no way to burn off excess fat and keep you slim and lean.

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Gaining weight can itself lead to more health complications, including high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. The lack of exercise is the main cause of weight gain, but extended periods of immobility can also lower your metabolism, which makes it more difficult for you to lose weight. A slower metabolism makes it more difficult for your body to burn calories and may even cause your body to be unable to break down fat.

The longer you sit in one position, the less flexible you become. This tightness also leads to a loss of flexibility, one of the reasons that stretching breaks are so vital during long gaming sessions. Inactivity not only leads to a decrease in flexibility, but it can also diminish muscle strength and endurance. Including healthy exercise and eating habits throughout your day can aid in maintaining your strength and flexibility, keeping your body healthy and in shape.

Some research suggests that playing video games, or even watching TV, can have an effect on how people eat. To avoid this, try replacing these unhealthy snacks with nutritious ones like. To avoid inflammation, joint pain, and muscle stiffness, stretching breaks during video gaming sessions are essential.

Spend at least three to five minutes every hour stretching your legs, back, arms, and chest. Your wrists are another area that experiences a lot of stress from video gaming, but you may want to develop a specific hand and wrist routine to avoid further health issues. Toe touches are a creative way to release tension in your back and can also help stretch your hamstrings. In addition, studies investigated if exergaming can lead to improvements in cognitive performance in clinical and non-clinical populations such as those who have ADHD and depression. When making an exergaming system, the manufacturer of a consumer product must make the decision as to whether the system will be usable with off-the-shelf games or if custom software must be written for it.

Because it takes longer for a user to move their entire body in response to stimulation from the game, it is often the case that dedicated software must be written for the game to playable. An example of this is Konami 's Dance Dance Revolution. Though designed to be played by users moving about on a specially designed dancepad, that game can alternatively be played by pushing buttons with one's fingers using a standard hand-held gamepad.

When played with the dancepad at higher levels the game can be quite challenging and physically exhausting , but if the game is played using the buttons on the hand controller, none of the sequences are physically limited. The Move uses image analysis to extract the motion of the user against a background and uses these motions to control the character in the game.

A specifically designed exercise game Kinetic , superimposes animated objects to be punched, kicked, or otherwise interacted with over a video image of the user.

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The Wii and PlayStation 3 both incorporate motion sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes into the hand-held controllers that are used to direct behaviors within the game. Research projects such as exertion interfaces [34] that investigate the design aspects of these games [35] explore how the technological augmentation that comes with the digital gameplay component can be nurtured for additional benefits, such as utilizing the social power of exercising together even though players are connected only over a network [36] or scaling the number of players, [37] enabling novel exercise experiences not available without the technological augmentation.

Exergame resellers have developed fitness centers and specialist room designs with programmes that focus entirely on creating environments for young people using exergaming for fitness.

Group fitness programmer Les Mills International has recently launched "Immersive Fitness" studios around the globe which combine exergaming with live group fitness classes. One of the newest trends is using virtual reality immersion.

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VR systems have several potential advantages for athletic training; environments can be precisely controlled and scenarios standardized, augmented information can be incorporated to guide performance, and the environment can be dynamically altered to create different competitive situations [39]. High frame rate display technologies for example Head-mounted display can be used to transform the user into any sporting situation e.

Natural movements can also be incorporated into the games, for example utilizing an omnidirectional treadmill , such as the Infinadeck. Such a system allows the user to virtually be in the game while allowing degrees of movement. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Video game-related health problems. Retrieved on Retrieved BBC Sport Journal of Clinical Medicine.

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What to Expect at SDCC 12222

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Why gamers are a great fit at the gym

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7 ways to keep active and healthy while gaming | Dot Esports

Childhood Obesity. Disability and Rehabilitation.

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BMC Pediatrics. Scientific Reports. Bibcode : NatSR Exertion Interfaces. Proceedings, 2 6 , Retrieved 18 December Clinical Pediatrics. Bogost, Ian ; Montfort, Nick The MIT Press. Video game genres List. Escape the room Interactive fiction Interactive movie Visual novel. Action role-playing Dungeon crawl Roguelike Tactical role-playing.