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None of the above - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Of course, the picture is complicated - Labour did score some wins Trafford and the Tories did take some councils from no overall control — but the results we have thus far indicate that the pattern in national polls is accurate. Support for the two main parties is falling, with the Conservatives losing out faster than Labour. The obvious answer is that both have refused to take a concrete position on the most important issue of our time. Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are to blame for our current mess and the Prime Minister gets the biggest backlash because, well, she is Prime Minister.

But the old-fashioned politics of class is fracturing, as shown by these results Labour losing in the North, Tories in the South , and region, age and culture are emerging as better determinants of outlook. M oreover, neither party projects competence. Labour is not only amateurish but beset with accusations of racism; the Tories resemble a circular firing squad. Putting a tarantula on your desk called Cronus is a tragic act of self-promotion. The rise of the independents is fascinating but, by their very nature, lacks cohesion; the Greens are certainly advancing fast on the continent, but one suspects they share many of the same problems as the Corbynite Labour Party.

None Of The Above Party

Intriguingly, Ukip has not done well at all — even though it came closest to being a pro-Brexit option. O ne reason has to be their embrace of the alt-Right.

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In sum, if "none of the above" had been on the ballot, the nobodies would probably have won. W e are on the brink of something big, a realignment that has been caused by Brexit but goes well beyond it. He once shared with me a sample commercial he would have run in favor of NOTA:. Which elected officials do not raise taxes or run down public schools, do not put image above issues or make promises that are impossible to keep?

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NOTA would be far more effective than campaign-finance reform in reducing the overwhelming advantages of incumbency. In many races, second-rate incumbents win by beating third-rate challengers. With NOTA, a sitting officeholder could lose an election and give another candidate a chance even in a hopelessly gerrymandered, one-party district.

And if NOTA came at all close to winning, even the most entrenched incumbents might be forced to rethink their positions and inject some needed humility into their approach. NOTA might even discourage highly negative campaigning, because candidates would be running for the approval of voters — not just to offend fewer people than their opponents do.

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Previous articles. NOTA could get rid of lazy incumbents, improve turnout, and discourage negative campaigning. He once shared with me a sample commercial he would have run in favor of NOTA: Taxes go up while businesses shut down.

Republicans, Democrats, the White House? Who was not tainted by the recent financial scandals? Clearly, None of the Above. Which candidates refuse to be influenced by special interests? The choice then is clear. At the voting booth select NOTA.

A reliable option. Paid for by the None of the Above Committee. Most Popular. By Mairead McArdle. The early Trump administration batted down warnings from career U. Some diplomats, including those at the U. Embassies in Read More. By Tobias Hoonhout.

none of the above

During her testimony, former National Security Council staffer Fiona Hill revealed that she had a three-year working relationship with Christopher Steele, the former British spy contracted by opposition-research firm Fusion GPS to produce the infamous Steele Dossier, but doubted the accuracy of his dossier, If we're lucky, she'll lose.

By Jay Nordlinger. His dad, before him, was AG. Also governor. Kids follow parents into lines of work By Andrew C. As a constitutional lawyer, Rand Paul makes a good medical doctor.

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I used to have occasion to say that in the Patriot Act debates, when the senator was wowing us with his Fourth Amendment theories. White House. By Zachary Evans. Former National Security Council staffer Fiona Hill has testified that acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney approved a quid-pro-quo in which President Trump would meet with his Ukranian counterpart if he first agreed to open investigations that would benefit Trump politically.