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No one foresees a deadly complication—a band of fierce Narns, determined to rescue G'Kar, takes Londo hostage. Suddenly Londo's life and the liberation of the Narn homeworld rest on a razor's edge.

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It will take a hero to convince the Narns that G'Kar must stay in prison It will take With all their hopes pinned on Londo's meek, nervous assistant, Londo and G'Kar have something else in common Michael Straczynski endorses this book as completely canonical. Front Cover Text: A bold commander, an elite fighting force, a desperate mission Ambassador to the alien world of Minbar, former Babylon 5 commander, Jeffrey Sinclair, is one of the first to learn the truth about the Shadows, the ancient race pursuing the destruction of the galaxy.

Sinclair also discovers a startling secret: he is the linchpin in the plan to stop them. Now, Sinclair is asked to revive the legendary Minbari warrior group, the Rangers. But it may cost him his one chance to love Not even an attack by the Shadows can stop her from getting to Minbar to join him As she trains with other pilots, including the mysterious Marcus Cole, the time is coming when their skills will be tested on their first mission.

Led by Sinclair, they will venture into deepest space, into a battle of stealth and might, and toward a fate none but the bravest can face Gregory Keyes. Under the ruthless command of Alfred Bester, Psi Corps's reign of terror reached unspeakable heights—and touched off a civil war among the telepaths. Corps minions fought renegade defectors—a resistance movement determined to overthrow Bester's monstrous regime. But the tide was destined to turn Interstellar Alliance President John Sheridan intervenes to stop the bloodshed as a new Psi Corps rises from the ashes.

Its first mission: to hunt down and neutralize war criminals, individuals such as Bester himself. Once feared across the galaxy, the dreaded hunter becomes the fleeing prey—with Michael Garibaldi in hot pursuit. Underground and on the run, Bester builds a new life on the ruins of his secret, sinister past.

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  • But as the forces of justice—and vengeance—close in, he must confront the hell he created, choose between surrender or survival at any cost, and prepare to make his final stand The stunning finale to the new epic trilogy that uncovers the secret history of the Psi Corps. As Elric and his student Galen watch with taut anticipation, dragons, angels, and shooting stars rain from the sky, heralding the arrival of the techno-mages on the planet Soom.

    It's the first time Elric—a member of the ruling Circle—has hosted such a gathering, and if all goes well, Galen and the other apprentices will emerge triumphant from the grueling initiation rites, ready to embrace their roles as full mages among the most powerful beings in the known universe. But rumors fly of approaching danger, and Galen and his young lover, Isabelle, are chosen to investigate the dark tidings. An ancient race has awakened after a thousand years, thirsty for war, slaughter, and annihilation.

    Will the techno-mages be the deciding factor in the war ahead? Or the first casualties? War against the Shadows is inevitable, and the ruling Circle has ordered the techno-mages into hiding. Many are unhappy with this decision—none more so than Galen, the only mage who has faced the Shadows and lived.

    But the Shadows aren't Galen's only enemy—he is driven to hunt and kill Elizar, the traitor who murdered the beautiful mage Isabelle while Galen stood by helplessly, his hands tied by the Circle's sacred code he had sworn to follow. Now a new mission awaits as the Circle contrives a plan that may enable the five hundred mages to escape without leaving a trace. Dispatched to the Shadow's ancient capital to uncover the enemy's plans, Galen will find everything he so desperately seeks—including a shocking legacy that threatens to consume his very soul.

    Soon the entire galaxy will fall to their evil.

    But the war isn't over At long last, in a forgotten corner of the universe, Galen has finally won the Circle's permission to leave the techno-mage hiding place. He is the only mage who has faced the Shadows and lived, the only one who possesses the unstoppable Spell of Destruction.


    Galen's orders are clear. Though the galaxy is being torn apart by bloody conflict—in which his powers might tip the balance—he is to locate only three key enemies and kill them. But Galen has unearthed the Shadows' darkest secret—and discovered a monstrous truth about himself. In this desperate, apocalyptic battle, there's no telling who will be the victor. Or if there will be any survivors at all The dedication of the new Babylon 5 Station is fast approaching, and desperate enemies intend to see it end in catastrophe. The fate of the fledgling space alliance lies in the hands of John Sheridan, newly appointed captain of the spaceship Agamemnon.

    His orders are to stop the attack. Unless he first gets to the bottom of the near-mutinous behavior of the Agamemnon 's unruly crew, Sheridan and his spaceship will share Babylon 5's doom.

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    Time is also running out for his wife, Anna, headed to Z'ha'dum aboard the Icarus. The precise nature of this disorientation--spiritual, physical, psychological, moral, political--is itself difficult to determine at this point and thus underscores two very important ideas for reading this poem: first, we are encouraged to identify with Dante the character and understand knowledge to be a learning process; second, the poem is carefully structured so that we must sometimes read "backwards" from later events to gain a fuller understanding of what happened earlier.

    Characteristic of Dante's way of working, this "dark wood" is a product of the poet's imagination likely based on ideas from various traditions. These include the medieval Platonic image of chaotic matter--unformed, unnamed--as a type of primordial wood silva ; the forest at the entrance to the classical underworld Hades as described by Virgil Aeneid 6.

    The Book of Shadows & How to start yours -- Enchanted Endeavours EP. 17

    In an earlier work Convivio 4. Armed with information from later episodes, commentators often view the creatures as symbols, respectively, of the three major divisions of Dante's hell: concupiscence immoderate desires , violence, and fraud though some equate the leopard with fraud and the she-wolf with concupiscence.

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    Others associate them with envy, pride, and avarice. Perhaps they carry some political meaning as well a she-wolf nursed the legendary founders of Rome--Romulus and Remus--and thus came to stand as a symbol of the city. Whatever his conception, Dante likely drew inspiration for the beasts from this biblical passage prophesying the destruction of those who refuse to repent for their iniquities: "Wherefore a lion out of the wood hath slain them, a wolf in the evening hath spoiled them, a leopard watcheth for their cities: every one that shall go out thence shall be taken, because their transgressions are multiplied, their rebellions strengthened" Jeremiah It is perhaps best, at this early stage, to take note of the salient characteristics of the animals--the leopard's spotted hide, the lion's intimidating presence, the she-wolf's insatiable hunger--and see how they relate to subsequent events in Dante's journey through hell.

    Virgil B. This epic poem recounts the journey of Aeneas from Troy he is a Trojan prince --following its destruction by the Greeks--eventually to Italy, where he founds the line of rulers that will lead to Caesar and the Roman empire of Virgil's day. The poem, in fact, is in one sense a magnificent piece of political propaganda aimed at honoring the emperor Augustus. Two episodes from Virgil's epic were of particular interest to Dante.

    Book 4 tells the tragic tale of Aeneas and Dido, the queen of Carthage who kills herself when Aeneas--her lover--abandons her to continue his journey and fulfill his destiny by founding a new civilization in Italy. Book 6, in which Aeneas visits the underworld to meet the shade of his father Anchises and learn future events in his journey and in the history of Rome, provides key parts of the machinery of the afterlife--primarily mythological monsters and rivers--that Dante uses to shape his own version of the afterlife, hell in particular.

    Virgil also wrote four long poems, the Georgics, which deal mostly with agricultural themes though they contain other important material--e.

    Perilous Shadows: Book 6 Circles of Light

    And he wrote ten pastoral poems Eclogues , the fourth of which celebrates the birth of a wonderchild and was thus commonly interpreted in the Christian Middle Ages as a prophecy of the birth of Jesus. In medieval thought, abandonment of the "straight way" often indicates alienation from God. However, Dante certainly views such veering as a grand metaphor for the moral and societal problems of his world in addition to any spiritual or psychological issues the phrase may suggest.

    Dante's notion of the "straight way" appears in all three realms of the afterlife as well as in the world of the living.