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  1. Song: The World Outside written by Carl Sigman | SecondHandSongs
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Song: The World Outside written by Carl Sigman | SecondHandSongs

The U. But, this survey presented a troubling trend.

In collaboration with the Council on Foreign Relations, National Geographic surveyed 1, Americans aged years-old who had recently attended an American two or four-year university or college, in a series of 75 different questions about global politics and geography. The survey found that the total percent of correct responses from all respondents was just 55 percent.

Starbird Murphy and the World Outside

And yet, 86 percent of respondents said they consider themselves at or above average in terms of knowledge about global affairs. Disconnecting government from politics is not effective way to encourage voting Election day is right around the corner; in less than 50 days we will go to the polls and exercise Read…. My experience with students from countries outside of the U. This has been particularly noticeable in Europe — students from one EU country all seem to have a respectable level of political literacy about all major countries in the EU, and various other countries around the world.

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In my Irish history class, my classmates can all seamlessly draw historical and political comparisons amongst a variety of different countries, while I was struggling to just keep up with what is going on in Ireland, and maybe draw some connections to the U. Part of this difference is certainly tied to geography — in terms of land size, the U. Again, some of this can be explained.

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  • In a Forbes article , George Friedman explains part of the difference lies in how citizens view the role of the government. Take a look at foreign languages , for example.

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    In Europe, all countries except Ireland and Scotland have federal mandates requiring students to learn at least one foreign language. Read more.

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